Well, sadly enough, the next wall section took more than two weeks instead of a few days. Gregg had several evenings out, and he was a critical part of some of what needed done. I was going nuts waiting, but used the time productively starting on a necessary project - a new valance for the window to replace the country yellow and blue patchwork one that was there. Crocheted curtains abound in Tuscany, as well as much of the rest of Europe. I can't believe I'm actually trying to do this! It will be my most involved crochet project ever. To make things even more interesting, the pattern I decided I like most happened to be in Dutch, so I've had to do some studying before I could even get started. Here are the first 4 motifs completed (the upper right hand corner of the valance) - a projected total of 55 needed. Stay tuned! Stokje anyone?